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  • Amy Carte

Ten Chef Recommended Wedding Registry Gifts That Will Last!

As a Chef and a Mother of 6, I'll admit that I probably cook more then your average person. Luckily, I also love It.

I truly enjoy the entire process of planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and eating from start to finish.. Cleanup - Yeah - not as much.

I figured that with wedding season and the holidays coming up I would make a 3 part list series of my all time favorite, dependable, most used, and most loved kitchen and bar items. These would be the first items I would recommend to anyone getting married . They would also be first gifts I would choose to purchase off of a registryfor my own friends and family.

  1. Kitchen Aid Mixer

  1. Is there anything the Kitchen Aid Mixer doesn't do with all of it's attachments? From zucchini noodles to ciabatta to ice cream this machine is a beast and worth every penny. I have owned my Kitchen Aid Mixer for over 17 years with no issues.

  2. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System, 1500W

My kids love frozen treats. Making everything from smoothies to sorbets is a breeze. I even use it to emulsify salad dressings and to sneak extra veggies into my kid's pasta sauce.

3. Nespresso BEC430TTN Pixie Espresso Machine, 24 ounces by Breville,

This machine spits out a pretty legit replica of a perfectly poured espresso shot from your favorite cafe. So Delicious.

Or just a couple Global Knives What I love about Global knives is that they are all one piece and have a great grip. They are sharp, precise and speed up the chopping process

5. Cuisinart Food Processor

For grating whole milk cheeses, making hummus, black bean burgers and meatballs this food processor is my trusty sidekick. 6. A No- Frills Set of Cast Iron Pans

Forget those pricy sets of pots and pans with famous Chef Endorsements! Cast Iron gives your meats the perfect sears and your veggies perfect caramelizatjon. They are easy to clean- NO Soap and they don't add those non-stick forever chemicals to your food. If you treat these right- they will last for generations.

7. All of the Frills Wooden Salad Bowl Set

Because we eat a lot of salad and it's so beautifully made.

8. Cast Iron/ Ceramic Dutch Oven

I probably have a few too many of these but I love the flavors and textures that come from braising and the start it on the stove/ finish it in the oven methods of cooking.

9. Pyrex Glass Food Storage Set

Food Prep is so much easier when you can cook/ bake your food in the same container that you store it in. Egg and Veggie Bakes, baked zucchini noodles, and chicken enchiladas are some of my personal favorites to make in these.

10. Charcuterie Set / wood serving board

This gets so much use at my house. It makes everything from Taco night to Sunday brunch more fun!!

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