• Amy Carte

Planning the perfect afternoon “Fleuriee”.

If you are looking to host a short afternoon celebration or gathering with light, healthy foods and drinks during the warmer months- consider the Fleuriee. (Yes, we just made that up!)

A Fleuriee is similar to a Garden Party, except it can be held inside when the summer heat is just too intense to plant yourself outside.

The Drink menu should include drinks like a Fleurie Hibiscus Spritz using Hibiscus Flowers , F-Rose Berry Sorbet Lemonade or a Iced Earl Grey Tea like these Tea Drops

garnished with edible flowers or fresh herbs served in one of these gorgeous beverage dispensers:

Since the event is held between lunch and dinner, a perfect Fleuriee menu would include 4-5 light, healthy Hor D’oeuvres like:

Pink Deviled Eggs served in this adorable tray

Grilled Peach Burrata Salad served on these adorable and eco-friendly bamboo plates

A fresh Shrimp Ceviche served in shot glasses with these adorable mini spoons

Fresh Fruit & Cheese Skewers served on adorable floral picks

Mini Chicken Salad Croissants or mini Lobster rolls served on these elegant platters

Some of the other items featured in the pictures below are

Bamboo Dinner Plates::

Bamboo Paper Straws:

Placemats: Natural


String lights:



Table Cloth:

Table runner:

Pink Glassware:

Pink Cloth Napkins:

Macrame Napkin Rings:

Gold Flatware:

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