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Navigating The New Normal ? - Special Event Industry & Covid Safety

Service Industry Professionals & Staffers

Yes- Stuff just got WEIRD and kinda scary. Here are some tips to stay on your A-Game and continue to provide that exemplary Customer Service that keep our Clients, Vendors and Guests recommending us to all of their friends.

1) Stay Informed and Stay Aware. Use Vigilance when checking facts about Coronavirus. Please use this Symptom Checker and check your temperature for 3 Days prior to your scheduled shift. Please report any symptoms or fever to us immediately so we can find a replacement for your shift. We will have to take you off the schedule for the next 10- 14 days depending on symptoms and test results. If you experience any symptoms within 14 days of working your shift or have a Positive Co-Vid Test please call us so we can immediately notify ALL other Staff, Clients, Vendors, Venue, Guests and Attendees of the event that a Staffer had a positive result. Due to HEPA and respect for your privacy - We will keep your identity, name and personal information anonymous. We want to protect our community and are willing to sacrifice OUR business reputation to keep our Community informed and safe.

2) Please purchase a few solid Black face cloth coverings with carbon filters to wear at scheduled events. We will have 2 Packs of US made cloth face coverings that come with 5 filters available for sale for $25.00 or you can purchase your own here:

Recommended Carbon Filters:

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